Being Present with the Greatest Present

Jesus was a very busy man. Everywhere he went people were crying out to him for a miracle.

If you couldn't see, you reached out to Jesus. If you had leprosy, Jesus would touch you. If you couldn't walk, have your friends bring you to Jesus. Possessed by a demon? No problem. Jesus could cast them out.

As long as there was water, you could throw a party if Jesus was there. And if there was only a piece of fish or a tiny bit of bread it was enough to feed thousands of hungry people.

Jesus never stopped.

Even though He was a miracle worker Jesus never forgot His mission - to love on others. Especially little children. He knew the importance of taking time just for them. Showing them how much they meant to him. Giving them the attention they so desperately desired.

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It's difficult at times being in a blending family. We lose sight of the important things, through all the back of forth of life. Jesus never lost sight of what was important. When he was in Martha's home she thought having everything clean was important. But not Mary. Just being with Jesus brought her joy.

And this is how our kids see life. They don't need to be taken to fancy places when they are with us. They don't care about living in a spot free home. They just want to be noticed. They want our undivided attention. They want unconditional love. No matter what is going on between households, they need us to sit with them, put our loving arms around them, and remind them that they are important enough for us to let go of all the other demands of life and focus on the ones who are present.

When we enjoy the privilege of having our children in our home, we need to be intentional about spending time with them. Loving on them individually, playing together as a family, and not letting the outside world and its problems interfere with our special time together.

Don't get so wrapped up blending that you forget to stop and just be together.

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LoriBeth Brown is the wife of the love of her life, and mom and second-mom to four. She has earned a BA in Psychology and MA in Counseling from Dallas Baptist University. She is currently pursuing her LPC-I and is on staff with Family [re]Design. Her dream is to continue taking in boys who need a loving home, and bring together blending families for the glory of God.