Autumn at Family [re]Design ...

I hope everyone is enjoying cooler weather and all the fun that comes with Fall! On Friday nights, you can find our family at the football field cheering on our High School Football Team and supporting the Bronco Band at halftime. For that matter, we are at the football field on most Saturdays for High School band marching competitions as well. But I wouldn't trade a minute of the experience!

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As we anticipate the upcoming holidays and all the excitement (and maybe a little stress?) that comes with the season here are a few suggestions as you begin to make your holiday plans. 

Expect plans to change. We made arrangements to see all of our kids over Christmas. They are spread out over multiple states, so we decided a Christmas road trip was in order. However, we're already making changes to the plans. While I used to be the consummate planner, I chose a long time ago, to just let things ride, and expect and even celebrate the unexpected!

Make memories your family will remember with fondness. And while we will certainly make memories (whether we intend to or not) we get to choose what kind of memories we make. We have held on to very few non-negotiables over the years as our primary holiday tradition has been flexibility! I want my kids to remember holidays fondly. Not having me stressed and anxious because things don't fit my holiday "box." 

Its all about fun! No matter when you celebrate or how you celebrate, remember to have fun with your family. It may not be a "Norman Rockwell" painting kind of holiday, but you are painting your own family portait. Make sure your holiday painting captures laughter and fun, no matter the circumstance.

About the author:

Teri is passionate about teaching, writing, and ministering to fellow sojourners. She spends her days working in ministry and her evenings and weekends being wife and mom.