How family [re]design can help

FAMILY [re] DESIGN is here to help you with your [re]marriage and blending family. Written resources, conferences, seminars, and one-on-one coaching are available to help strengthen your [re]marriage and and encourage your stepfamily.

[re]DESIGN ... [re]Purposing Your Divorce is an 8-week interactive course designed to assist you as you walk through divorce. By processing regret, resentment, and fear, you will be equipped with new insights and fresh perspectives.

Each one-on-one coaching session will give you opportunity to process your divorce, equipping you to make healthy relational choices, more effectively c0-parent and be encouraged as you [re]design your family.

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[re]marriage: searching for answers

Marriage is hard. Period. [re]marriages are even more difficult. Dealing with the past, ex-spouses, and step-parenting can feel overwhelming. This book provides practical and spiritual tips to aid you in the decision to break the potential of a divorce cycle in your life. Even though resolving to save your [re]marriage appears futile at times, the tenacity and commitment between you and your mate can develop into a rewarding and satisfying marriage.




The Be-Attitudes for Blending Families: Lessons on the Mountain

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Ever wonder how to survive in a blending family? Ever need help with step-parenting and [re]marriage? This 8-week Bible study provides practical, biblical counsel on how to successfully maneuver the often rough waters of blending yours and mine. This timely study is designed to be used as a devotional for personal, couple, or family study as well as in a small group setting.



Seminars are available for church groups, community groups, school districts and anyone else who desires to to strengthen [re]marriages and step-family relationships.

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