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This morning I was reminded of seasons. The changing leaves outside my window are only a physical picture of the seasons of life we all experience.  

I talked to some young moms this week who are convinced that they will never get out of the toddler stage with their kids. I talked to a mom who has a high school age child who has been sentenced to drug rehab (again) for violating probation. While my Friday nights are spent cheering for my son's high school football team, she gets in her car and drives for four hours to spend a few hours visiting her high schooler on Saturday. 

Our son's high school just finished their football season. With hopes of a brief extension for playoffs. Last night's game as well as another high school game that impacted our playoff chances were close scores. Would we extend our season? Would this be our last game of the season? We didn't know for sure until nearly midnight. 

This morning, as I cleaned up and cleaned out after a busy football season, I realized again how seasonal life really is. We won our game last night, but the other team in another town that had to win their game for us to go to playoffs, didn't. They lost by a few points in the last couple of minutes of their game. So, time to pack up football season and focus on Thanksgiving and the upcoming holidays. Just when I get settled in a routine for this season, it’s time to pick up, clean up and change gears.

Life is kind of funny that way. Sometimes we are in a season that we want to end. Desperately. We are tired. We are struggling. The clock seems to stop. We feel as though we will never, ever get out of this time or circumstance.

Then there are the seasons when we want to stop time. Enjoy. Bask in the goodness. We don't want that season to end. Ever.

But time always marches on. And its tempo remains steadfast. Life travels forward, taking us with it. Things begin. Things end. Things change. Nothing stays exactly the same. 

One thing I've learned, no matter the season. Do your best to stay in the moment.

If you are in a tough season, stay the course. What are you learning through the trial? How are you being challenged to grow through the struggle? For me, those are the times I'm reminded of the faithfulness of God. He is in charge. He has everything I need for the journey. 

And when you're in a prosperous season? Celebrate! If life is good, enjoy it. Intentionally experience the joy and find ways to fully embrace the beauty of a special season of blessing.

But most of all, understand that every season changes. Nothing lasts forever.

"There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens ..." Ecclesiastes 3:1